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Successful Digital change needs to be considered and managed holistically, linking in with any wider changes required across people, rules & processes or environments

The Ringfence Approach is our unique framework that we use to:

  • Assess and understand where you currently are on your Digital journey and the options open to you

  • Shape your future Digital roadmap, ensuring this is fully aligned with wider strategic plans and organisation-wide change management

  • Help you get there faster, safely and more cost-effectively, using our Ringfence Toolkit and network of trusted partners

  • Provide you with on-going independent assurance & confidence that you are using Digital safely and cost-effectively


Ringfence - organisational model

The Ringfence Approach has been developed over decades of practical expertise and experience and ensures that Digital change – whether small-scale optimisation or large-scale transformation – fully supports and is aligned to your organisation’s wider value creation activities, mission, values and strategic plans.

At the heart of the Ringfence Approach is a core focus on using information and information technology to drive more effective:

Decision making - good decisions rely upon timely, good quality, relevant information


Action taking - efficient delivery of products and services to customers relies upon up to date, accurate information as well as effective information technology for organisation-wide collaboration and communication


Record keeping - effective record keeping relies upon good information governance and technology as well as robust, effective information security (particularly for Digital Information given increasing cyber threats)


Good information governance - adds value to any organisation and can help you stand out from the crowd. It can also contribute significantly towards your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and any Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) requirements

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