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Information fitness needs to be considered and managed holistically across key enablers: 
peoplerules & processes, technology, environment and information

The Ringfence Approach is our unique framework that we use to:

1: Assess and understand what kind of Information Fitness shape you're currently in and the Information Fitness options open to you

2: Co-create Information Fitness improvement plans with you, ensuring these are fully aligned with wider strategic plans, priorities, and organisation-wide change management

3: Help you get there faster, safely and more cost-effectively, using our Ringfence Toolkit and network of trusted associates and partners

4: Provide you with on-going, independent check-ups to make sure you are realising the wider benefits from investing in Information Fitness improvements


The Ringfence Approach has been developed over decades of practical experience and ensures that any change – whether small-scale optimisation or large-scale transformation – fully supports and is aligned to your organisation’s wider value creation activities, purpose, values and strategic plans.

Good Information Fitness relies upon several key aspects of wider organisational fitness:

Purpose, vision & strategic objectives

These need to be well defined and communicated to maintain clear focus, alignment, prioritisation, coordination and flexibility across any organisation.

Good Information Fitness relies upon clear strategic objectives to ensure that information assets, activities and opportunities are best used and prioritised to achieve wider organisational goals.


Ringfence can also help diagnose and remedy any weaknesses across these key aspects of wider organisational fitness that might be holding you and your Information Fitness back.

At the heart of the Ringfence Approach is a core focus on using Information Fitness to drive more effective:

RF - InformationEnabler.jpg

Record keeping

Effective record keeping relies upon good Information Fitness, ensuring that data is accurate, up to date and secure (particularly for digital information given ever-increasing cyber threats)


Good Information Fitness adds value to any organisation and can also help you stand out from the crowd, particularly as part of you being able to demonstrate Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

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