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Ringfence's unique Approach and Toolkit coupled with our decades of real-world experience and practical expertise, help you to quickly and cost effectively understand what kind of Information Fitness shape you are in and then help you to make any Information Fitness improvements you require, delivering productivity & commercial benefits and reducing risks.

Our extensive experience, specialist expertise and structured yet pragmatic & friendly approach will help you to quickly understand where you are, make any changes needed to protect yourself & your organisation’s reputation and secure new opportunities as well as driving strategic change to improve performance and competitiveness.

  • LinkedIn - Ben Meade

Ben Meade is Ringfence's founder and Managing Director and the creator of Information Fitness®. As a former CIO & IT Director Ben has extensive experience in successfully leading IT/digital/IG functions and major Change Management programmes across a wide range of organisations and sectors.

Ben has a passion for helping organisations and individuals to better understand and get the most out of information and IT/digital in today's increasingly complex modern world, and ensuring that these are - and remain - fully aligned with wider organisational governance, strategy and social responsibilities. 

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