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Information is a key 21st century resource

In today's increasingly competitive, complex and fast-paced digital world, effective use of information and IT/digital can make or break organisations, individuals' reputations and the bottom line.

With organisations having a critical reliance upon information and IT/digital you need to ensure that these are fully understood, protected and used to maximise value - especially when it comes to effective decision making, action taking,  record keeping and communication or collaboration.

Ringfence works with leaders of organisations UK-wide to ensure that your information governance and strategy is - and remains - fully aligned with your wider organisational governance and strategy


Information and IT/digital Costs Management

If you don't already know what your information and IT/digital costs are then Ringfence's Costs Management framework can help you quickly establish and better manage these, as well as benchmark them against similar organisations worldwide.


Risk Appetite and Management

With corporate governance increasingly under the spotlight, including any ESG requirements you might have, being able to clearly articulate your organisation’s risk appetite and demonstrate effective risk management is more essential than ever. Ringfence’s Risk Management framework can help establish or improve these for you, as well as shifting you to a more effective, controls-led assurance model.


Major Projects Prioritisation and Management

With finite resources available - funding, people, time - any changes need to be considered holistically and prioritised effectively in line with wider strategy. Ringfence’s Major Projects Management framework helps you to focus investment on your most important Major Projects and establish the links or dependencies between them as well as the key enablers needed to drive successful change.


Information Governance & Security Management

In addition to and complementing the above, Ringfence’s Information Governance & Security Management frameworks can help you establish or improve how you protect and get the most from your information and IT/digital, balancing the costs and risks of processing information with maximising the value you generate from it.

With ever-increasing and more sophisticated cyber-threats as well
as tighter Data Protection legislation, Ringfence’s Information Governance & Security Management frameworks can help you avoid potentially significant financial penalties and reputational damage, and also help you achieve recognised certification standards such as ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, PCI/DSS or IASME.

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