What types of business benefit most from Ringfence™ specialist expertise?

Independent Ringfence™ expertise is particularly valuable where:

  • You are handling large or increasing volumes of personal or confidential data. This could include sensitive information such as medical, legal, insurance or employee records.

  • Your customers are increasingly asking you to prove how you look after information properly as part of retaining existing business or winning new business.

  • You are facing increasing pressure to meet Information Governance industry standards to remain competitive and credible.

  • Your business is being held back by data quality issues and the lack of clear data ownership

  • You are experiencing growing pains and need advice, help and support to get through these quickly and put the right Information Governance framework in place for the future.

  • You need greater assurance when making use of cloud IT and new suppliers that this isn’t putting your customers’ data or your own organisation at risk.

  • The board needs independent external Information Governance and Assurance when addressing major projects or as part of due diligence activities.

Welcome to Ringfence™ – uncommon sense in an increasingly complex digital world.