Ringfence™ IG/IT Assessment

Are you confident that you are looking after information properly and getting the most from it?

For some organisations an independent Ringfence™ assessment might be all that’s needed to confirm your Information is secure and well managed. If any risks, compliance gaps or opportunities are identified we’ll make recommendations for improvement.


A high-level Ringfence™ review and assessment will typically take from two to five days, depending upon your organisation’s size & complexity, and costs from £2,000 (plus VAT).


GDPR Essentials Starter Pack

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being UK Law from May 2018 Ringfence™ has developed the GDPR Essentials Starter Pack to help organisations become "GDPR ready" quickly.

The pack contains a set of Ringfence™ “best practice” templates to help any organisation quickly put in place - or improve their existing - IG framework in readiness for GDPR. These have been designed to help organisations quickly achieve Cyber Essentials and/or IASME self-certification (if required), providing an industry recognised, basic level of IG & Information Security assurance and competence.


The Ringfence™ GDPR Essentials Starter Pack costs £1,500 (plus VAT).


GDPR Workshops, Training & Consultancy

Ringfence™ can also provide training and consultancy options to help organisations understand, prepare and become "GDPR ready".

These range from an initial, basic introduction to GDPR taking a couple of hours, through to half-day and full-day interactive workshops and Masterclasses that can be tailored to meet specific organisation needs.

Ringfence™ can also provide specialist, expert GDPR consultancy to help you understand, scope and deliver any improvements needed as structured programmes of work.

Costs start from £500 (plus VAT) for the basic introduction to GDPR. The cost for more tailored courses and GDPR consultancy varies dependent upon the work involved and will be based upon standard day rates of £800 per day (plus VAT).


ITIL Essentials Starter Pack

ITIL is the de facto "best practice" framework for IT Service Management and is recommended by Ringfence™ as part of looking after Information properly. The ITIL Essentials Starter Pack helps organisations to adopt the basic, key ITIL processes quickly.    

The pack contains a set of Ringfence™ “best practice” templates to help any organisation put in place the initial, fundamental ITIL processes and controls (Incident, Change & Problem Management).

These have been designed to support wider Information Governance & GDPR requirements and are also fully aligned with ITIL, helping organisations to achieve ISO20000 certification longer-term (if required). The Ringfence™ ITIL Essentials Starter Pack costs £1,500 (plus VAT).